The firm assists and represents its clients before all national and arbitral courts, at all stages of proceedings (lower and appeals courts), including in the pre-trial phase.

BG2V’s litigation team has approximately 10 lawyers.

The firm’s lawyers assist French and international companies of all sizes, as well as their top executives, in all fields of business litigation:

  • Company law (contentious governance, shareholders’ litigation, abuse of a majority/minority, executives’ liability, etc.)
  • Acquisition litigation (liabilities warranty, price complements, termination of negotiations, cancellation of sales due to lack of consent, etc.)
  • Contracts law (contractual breaches, termination of established commercial relationships, contractual liability, etc.)
  • Intellectual property (infringement, proceedings to confiscate works infringing copyright, opposition to trademark registration, IT forensics, etc.)
  • Distribution and competition (sudden termination of established commercial relationships and other practices restricting competition, anti-competitive practices, unfair competition, free-riding, DGCCRF prosecution, etc.)
  • Experts’ investigations (financial, industrial, telecom, IT, etc.)
  • Protective measures and court-ordered enforcement.

BG2V also assists its clients with defining their defense strategies, and, when appropriate, assists them with the practical aspects of alternative means of dispute resolution and with negotiating and implementing settlement agreements.

"BG2V represents several French and international groups. "
Guide Legal 500, Edition 2016

Latest News

BG2V advises M6 for the acquisition of Fidélité Films

July 2017. BG2V (Hervé de Kervasdoué, partner, and Jérôme Albertin, associate) advised M6 for its purchase of Fidélité Films, a French film production company.

BG2V advises M6 Television for the acquisition of Fidélité Films

Law Sapin II: decree in connection with the collection of alerts’ procedure

May 2017. The law of 12/09/2016 on transparency, anti-corruption and modernization of economic life, known as Law  "Sapin II", introduced a system for the protection of alert launchers, making it compulsory for companies with more than 50 employees, municipalities of more than 10,000 inhabitants and public administrations, the implementation of a procedure for the collection of reports.

Décret du 19 avril relatif à la procédure de recueil d'alertes

The Legal 500 EMEA recommends BG2V

May 2017. The latest edition of the Legal 500 EMEA has just been published and has once again recommended BG2V for its expertise in white-collar crime, M&A, employment law, real estate and tax law. BG2V co-founding Partner Karim Beylouni has also been recognised  as a “Next generation lawyer” in white-collar crime.

The Legal 500 EMEA recommends BG2V and recognizes K Beylouni as a next generation lawyer

The Legal 500 EMEA recommends BG2V

April 2017. The latest edition of the Legal 500 EMEA has just been published and has once again recommended BG2V for its expertise in criminal law, mergers and acquisitions, employment law, real estate and tax law.

Legal 500 EMEA - Leading firm

BG2V: Partner of the Lysias conference

April 2017. BG2V is a partner of the Lysias Conference, the largest eloquence competition in Fance since 1992. Julien Vernet, BG2V's Partner, will be a member of the jury during the 1/2 final of the contest which will take place on April 14, in the Library of the Paris Bar Association.