BG2V is an independent French law firm that is active in all the main fields of business law.  BG2V provides its clients with high-quality, tailored services in the following areas: Corporate/Mergers-acquisitionsLitigationReal estate, Criminal lawTax lawEmployment lawIntellectual property/New technologies, Restructuring and insolvency.

Professionalism, Trust, Commitment and Flexibility

Founded in 2010, BG2V now has around 30 lawyers who all share our firm's values These values are the shared bedrock that unites all of the firm's lawyers. They also form the basis of both BG2V's strategic positioning and of our services.


The firm's partners have all previously worked in leading business law firms in Paris. Through our teams, we cultivate and share a culture of professional discipline and excellence so as to provide our clients with tailored services, with the same demanding professionalism and a high level of legal expertise.


Within the firm, the trust and solidarity uniting us are essential for each lawyer to be able to develop and to put his skills to work. Trust and solidarity are also the cement in the relationship between our clients and our firm.


Our involvement, availability and combativeness serve as the guarantee that we provide our clients with the best possible defense of their interests. In an advisory capacity and in litigation, and regardless of the field of expertise, our work is based on our unfailing, day-to-day commitment at our clients' side. Lastly, the range of activities covered by BG2V allows us to assist our clients with all of their legal issues.


Through our entrepreneurial model, the size of our firm, the personal involvement and dynamism of each of our lawyers, we are highly responsive and creative and we offer our clients tailor-made services adapted to their needs. The training some of our lawyers have received in leading business schools (HEC, ESSEC) and their experience in renowned companies (IBM, Crédit Lyonnais, Casino Group, etc.) further adds to our dynamism and allows us to offer our clients pragmatic solutions adapted to their operational and strategic challenges. Furthermore, combining an advisory role and litigation practice gives us a multi-disciplinary perspective, which is essential for effectively responding to our clients’ needs.


Latest News

BG2V advises M6 for the acquisition of Fidélité Films

July 2017. BG2V (Hervé de Kervasdoué, partner, and Jérôme Albertin, associate) advised M6 for its purchase of Fidélité Films, a French film production company.

BG2V advises M6 Television for the acquisition of Fidélité Films

Law Sapin II: decree in connection with the collection of alerts’ procedure

May 2017. The law of 12/09/2016 on transparency, anti-corruption and modernization of economic life, known as Law  "Sapin II", introduced a system for the protection of alert launchers, making it compulsory for companies with more than 50 employees, municipalities of more than 10,000 inhabitants and public administrations, the implementation of a procedure for the collection of reports.

Décret du 19 avril relatif à la procédure de recueil d'alertes

The Legal 500 EMEA recommends BG2V

May 2017. The latest edition of the Legal 500 EMEA has just been published and has once again recommended BG2V for its expertise in white-collar crime, M&A, employment law, real estate and tax law. BG2V co-founding Partner Karim Beylouni has also been recognised  as a “Next generation lawyer” in white-collar crime.

The Legal 500 EMEA recommends BG2V and recognizes K Beylouni as a next generation lawyer

The Legal 500 EMEA recommends BG2V

April 2017. The latest edition of the Legal 500 EMEA has just been published and has once again recommended BG2V for its expertise in criminal law, mergers and acquisitions, employment law, real estate and tax law.

Legal 500 EMEA - Leading firm

BG2V: Partner of the Lysias conference

April 2017. BG2V is a partner of the Lysias Conference, the largest eloquence competition in Fance since 1992. Julien Vernet, BG2V's Partner, will be a member of the jury during the 1/2 final of the contest which will take place on April 14, in the Library of the Paris Bar Association.