April 2023

Grégory Marson, doctor in public law and counsel at BG2V, commented on two decisions of the Council of State on public service contracts

Grégory Marson, commented for Conccurences Antitrust Publications & Events on two decisions of the Conseil d’Etat relating to the conditions of delegation of public services.
The decision Commune du Lavandou (Conseil d’Etat, 20 July 2022, n°458427, Commune du Lavandou) recalls that the rules of the consultation are compulsory in all their mentions and the decision Action Développement Loisir (Conseil d’Etat, 10 October 2022, n°455691, Action Développement Loisir) underlines that the stipulations of a branch agreement or a professional or interprofessional agreement made compulsory by ministerial decree are binding on the candidates when they fall within the scope of this agreement.